AETC Det. 23 ‘rebrands’ to transform 21st century Air Force learning and readiness

Leaders from Air Education and Training Command unveiled Detachment 23’s rebranded focus on the integration of advanced force development data with the latest technology, with a goal of transforming Air Force learning and readiness in the 21st century during a FORCECON 2022 panel in San Antonio, May 24.

In an example of how the service is accelerating change and under the moniker “Advanced Force Development – Technologies,” the detachment’s focus will be on completing the building and fielding of a force development-focused data engine using the latest technologies to enable real-time readiness monitoring and decision-making from Air Force commanders at all levels.

“When Det. 23 was formed in 2019, it built the concept for Maintenance Training Next, utilizing AR/VR and machine learning, which evolved into Technical Training Transformation,” said Col. Thomas Wegner, director of AETC’s A9 Analysis and Innovation Directorate. “Today, and in partnership with academia and industry, we have expanded Det. 23’s vision to broaden their efforts to include force development wherever it takes place. This expansion of effort blazes a trail and sets the foundation of service-wide force development and readiness through exploration and delivery of modern technology solutions.”

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