Argonne seeks STEM interns to help design the future of science

Many of us have seen robots manufacturing cars, but what if they could build molecules, test new types of battery electrolytes, or speed the rate of discovery toward cancer treatments? Researchers are just scratching the surface of harnessing robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to truly transform science.

To explore the best applications for these cutting-edge technologies in biology, chemistry and materials sciences, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is advancing the field of autonomous discovery. The lab is seeking undergraduate and graduate students who can bring fresh ideas, diverse perspectives and creative energy to the team during a robotics and instrumentation internship.

These paid, 12-week internships will take place on site at Argonne’s world-class facility in Lemont, Illinois, during the summer of 2023. The program includes round-trip travel reimbursement and housing support.

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