Artificial Intelligence-Based Battle Management Training Rolled Out

The Western Air Defense Sector rolled out a cutting edge video game like training system, Aug. 26-27, 2021, at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The system, called Battle Management Training NEXT (BMTN), provides command and control battle management operators sustained, high quality, low cost training repetitions.

“BMTN was developed in partnership with Vectrona, Breakaway Games and Sentrana to provide a host of first-ever combined artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometric, and natural language processing capabilities consolidated into one command and control training system,” explained Lt. Col. Kip Trausch, Western Air Defense Sector chief innovation officer. “BMTN will be the fulcrum for the Battle Control Center to break the negative training feedback loop and enable consistent and meaningful wartime preparation.”

BMTN, which was also rolled-out to the Air National Guard Battle Control Center enterprise, solves the negative feedback loop generated from an ever-present and high operations tempo coupled with training that can only be conducted internally that results in a lack of time, instructors, and system resources to conduct comprehensive wartime readiness on pace with friendly capability and enemy threat evolution.

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