Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights: A Vision for Protecting Our Civil Rights in the Algorithmic Age

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is today releasing the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights to help guide the design, development, and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and other automated systems so that they protect the rights of the American public.

These technologies can drive great innovations, like enabling early cancer detection or helping farmers grow food more efficiently. But in the United States and abroad, people are increasingly being surveilled or ranked by automated systems in their workplaces and in their schools, in housing and banking, in healthcare and the legal system, and beyond. Algorithms used across many sectors are plagued by bias and discrimination, and too often developed with without regard to their real-world consequences and without the input of the people who will have to live with their results.

These problems, which have expanded dramatically over the past decade, are threatening the rights of millions and hurting people in historically marginalized communities.

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