Can AI Teach AI? DARPA Explores How AI Tutoring Can Help Adult Learners

The way people work is shifting; acquiring new skill sets can help ensure the national security workforce keeps up with the evolving demands of modern-day society. The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 50% of all workers worldwide will need reskilling in order to compete in the market.

The Department of State and Department of Defense (DOD) both state that artificial intelligence is at the center of the world’s global technological revolution. According to the 2020 DOD Education Strategy, “the future of AI in the DOD relies on the Department’s ability to build and develop a workforce for the digital era.”

Meanwhile, COVID-19 has created additional challenges for workers, accelerating the adoption of new technologies and automation in many sectors and disproportionately impacting the unemployment rates of historically marginalized demographics, including people who identify as Black or Hispanic.

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