Director’s Corner: Bridging the Resource Divide for Artificial Intelligence Research


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our world. The field is an engine of innovation that is already driving scientific discovery, economic growth, and new jobs. AI is an integral component of solutions ranging from those that tackle routine daily tasks to societal-level challenges, while also giving rise to new challenges necessitating further study and action. Most Americans already interact with AI-based systems on a daily basis, such as those that help us find the best routes to work and school, select the items we buy, and ask our phones to remind us of upcoming appointments.


Director’s Corner: OSTP’s Continuing Work on AI Technology and Uses that Can Benefit Us All


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in all of our lives. It powers all kinds of tools, from the digital assistants that answer questions on your phone, to breakthroughs in reading X-rays to better spot cancers. The so-called “intelligence” is the result of powerful computers sorting through mountains of data to find patterns, using algorithms designed and optimized by computer scientists…


Director’s Corner: Updating the National AI Research & Development Strategic Plan


A key goal of the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative, as defined by the National AI Initiative Act of 2020, is to “ensure continued United States leadership in AI research and development” (R&D). Achieving this goal requires consistent and sustained Federal investments in cutting-edge AI R&D, particularly for those areas in which industry has few incentives to invest, along with support for AI education and training opportunities for more Americans …


Director’s Corner: Launch of the AI Researchers Portal


Our Nation’s AI innovation begins with the inspirational ideas of researchers from all across the country. Advancing the state of the art in AI and related areas, however, requires more than a good idea. It needs supporting resources, including access to research funding, high quality datasets, computational infrastructure, and testbeds…