Collaborative agreement propels Army analysis of artificial intelligence

In its objective to drive transformational advances in artificial intelligence, the U.S. Army is bringing together diverse experts in the military and academia to better assess how systems using artificial intelligence and assistive automation, or AI/AA, operate.

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, or DEVCOM, Analysis Center, known as DAC, has signed a cooperative agreement with Northeastern University to leverage their respective expertise to develop an analytic framework for evaluating automated or partially automated systems employing AI. Signed in January of this year, this five-year cooperative agreement will allow DAC and Northeastern University’s Kostas Research Institute, known as KRI, as well as various additional universities, to ultimately improve the performance and effectiveness of the U.S. armed forces.
In February, DAC co-hosted a two-day technical kickoff event with KRI to discuss research objectives and goals. DAC worked with principal investigators from Northeastern University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Pittsburgh, University of Georgia, Temple University and University of South Florida.

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