DHS Leads the Way on Artificial Intelligence Innovation

Washington, D.C. – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is announcing its first ever strategic framework on the implementation and responsible integration of Artificial Intelligence in the domestic security apparatus. The Strategy was developed in response to the Trump Administration’s Executive Order 13690 Principles for the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Government. The plan emphasizes the principles necessary to maintain America’s competitive technological edge while balancing the Constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties of all Americans.

“Artificial Intelligence offers the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) new opportunities to accomplish our mission to secure the homeland, identify and interdict criminal actors, and secure cyberspace,” said Acting Secretary Chad F. Wolf. “While we understand both the positive and negative risks surrounding the use of AI technology, the Department is taking a proactive role in overseeing the use of AI systems. DHS will be guided by the principles set forth in Executive Order 13690, Principles for the Use of AI in Government—which seek to prioritize the responsible use of AI technology, while also mitigating AI-related risks to our homeland, citizens, and values.”

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