DoD Joint AI Center facilitates second International AI Dialogue for Defense

The Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center hosted the second AI Partnership for Defense dialogue January 26-27 with military and defense institutions from 13 nations. The second AI-focused defense dialogue follows the inaugural session that occurred in September 2020, which focused on developing and implementing AI ethics principles in defense. The PfD is a recurring forum for like-minded defense partners to discuss their respective policies, approaches, challenges, and solutions in adopting AI-enabled capabilities.

“The second Partnership for Defense dialogue focused on the necessary conditions for AI readiness, beginning with AI-ready data. Through these dialogues we are advancing our shared interests in artificial intelligence that will impact the future of defense cooperation among our nations,” said Stephanie Culberson, Head of International AI Policy for the JAIC. “Together we have a generational opportunity to shape the design, development, and use of responsible AI in defense, ultimately strengthening our cooperation, and improving the interoperability and readiness of our militaries.”

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