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2nd NOAA Workshop on Leveraging AI in Environmental Sciences

July 30, 2020

2nd NOAA Workshop on Leveraging AI in Environmental Sciences

This workshop built on the success of the 1st Workshop on Leveraging AI, gathering scientists, program managers, and leaders from public, academic and private sectors. The workshop enabled experts involved in the development and adaptation of AI tools and applications in a number of fields to meet and exchange experiences.

It is important to note that there are fields with similar fundamental issues as the field of environmental science. These fundamental issues include image and signal processing, pattern recognition, morphing, projection mapping, data mining, clustering, etc. This workshop facilitated the cross-fertilization of knowledge in different communities within NOAA and outside of NOAA to benefit in environmental science.

This gathering allowed participants to exchange ideas, share lessons learned, and to discuss both the future potential and limitations of AI. It also helped to establish collaborations for using AI tools for many purposes, including:

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