Interagency “TEAMS” Effort to Tackle Federal Talent Management Challenges

The federal government has a problem. More than half of its defense acquisition employees are currently within 10 years of retirement age, according to a 2019 Navy report … This means there needs to be a massive knowledge shift to the rest of the workforce fast.

Responding to this need, the Naval Postgraduate School’s (NPS) Associate Dean of Research for Technology Development Chris Manuel is collaborating with Veterans Affairs (VA) through Tony Boese, VA Interagency Program Manager, and Harvard University’s Adam Wood to create and integrate a system of systems called the Talent Education and Assessment Management System (TEAMS), an effort of the National Artificial Intelligence Institute’s Workforce Knowledge Certification program.

TEAMS will assess the current knowledge level of the workforce and provide meaningful feedback to leadership about the capabilities and gaps within their ranks. Pairing a Learning and Development System (LDS) will provide access to timely and efficient knowledge acquisition.

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