JAIC facilitates first-ever International AI Dialogue for Defense

The Department of Defense Joint AI Center hosted the first-ever AI Partnership for Defense September 15-16 with military and defense forces from 13 nations. The PfD is envisioned to serve as a recurring forum for like-minded defense partners to discuss their respective policies, approaches, and challenges in adopting AI-enabled capabilities. During the inaugural PfD, representatives shared lessons learned and best practices in harnessing AI for their respective and shared defense missions. The two-day dialogue focused on AI ethical principles for defense, including defining principles and best practices for implementing principles into the AI delivery pipeline.

Over the coming year, the initiative is expected to expand to include more countries with a goal of creating potential frameworks and new tools for international data sharing, cooperative development, and strengthened interoperability. The PfD will also provide a marketplace for sharing policy ideas to encourage international cooperation and multilateral coordination on artificial intelligence for defense.

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