(JAIC) Request for Information on Responsible AI Expertise, Products, Services, Solutions, and Best Practices

In May, the Deputy Secretary of Defense executed a memorandum outlining the Department of Defense’s commitment to responsible AI. In this memo, she outlined tenets to advance and operationalize the DoD’s AI Ethic’s Principles. With an objective to build a trusted ecosystem of AI tools and subject matter expertise, the tenets outlined in the memo will enable the Department to enhance military capabilities and build confidence with our workforce, warfighters, and the American public by utilizing AI in a responsible manner.

To begin this work, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) has issued a Request for Information (RFI), through its AI procurement initiative, Tradewind, calling on responsible AI subject matter experts and organizations to provide input on knowledge, tools, services, and solutions the Department can leverage to expedite the adoption of the tenets. Open from June 22 through to July 14, 2021, we recognize the importance of creating safeguards across the entire AI lifecycle. The memo emphasizes the need to procure, design, develop, utilize, and deploy Artificial Intelligence capabilities, including AI-enabled autonomous capabilities, in a safe and trustworthy way. Information gleaned from the RFI will ensure we are aware of all the best practices and best of breed solutions available to us to ensure this happens.

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