Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan Media Briefing on A.I.-Related Initiatives within the Department of Defense (Media Roundtable)

STAFF: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for being here today. I’m Lt. Cmdr. Arlo Abrahamson, and I will be moderating today’s press conference.

Today’s media briefing is on the record, off-camera, but audio is okay. Our host for this morning’s engagement will be Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, who is the director of the Artificial Intelligence Center — the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. Gen. Shanahan will begin shortly with an opening statement, and then I’ll turn it over to you all for questions and answers.

We’ll have plenty of time, so, please, we’ll get to as many questions as we can. I will call on you for questions, so please raise your hand. When you get called, please kindly give us your name and your media outlet before asking your question. We request that each person ask only one question and one follow-up, and then kindly provide your name and your outlet as you ask your question.

Also, as a friendly reminder, today’s discussions are on artificial intelligence, so we will not be talking about the JEDI [Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure] contract, which was discussed in a previous briefing. Those — transcripts for that are online.

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