My Navy Learning provides personalized, adaptive learning for Sailors

As Sailors progress through their Navy careers, their training, education and professional development needs evolve. In addition to training requirements that vary depending on rank or rating, individual Sailors learn at different paces using varying methods. These evolving needs require a personalized learning system that not only keeps pace with the dynamic nature of the Navy, but adapts to the needs of individual Sailors.

Enter My Navy Learning (MNL) Future Naval Capability (FNC)—a next-generation system that will encompass personalized training, education and professional development throughout a Sailor’s entire career, from the day they are recruited until they retire or separate from service.

“My Navy Learning was born because the Navy currently has no platform or method for delivering personalized, adaptive learning and training to Sailors where and when they need it,” said Marty Vozzo, branch head for Distributed Training at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) Dam Neck Activity (DNA). “Every Sailor has different career goals, aspirations and objectives, so instead of everyone logging into a system and taking the same courses, My Navy Learning will give every Sailor their own personalized, adaptive learning capability.”

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