NASA AI Technology Could Speed up Fault Diagnosis Process in Spacecraft

New artificial intelligence technology could speed up physical fault diagnosis in spacecraft and spaceflight systems, improving mission efficiency by reducing down-time.

Research in Artificial Intelligence for Spacecraft Resilience (RAISR) is software developed by Pathways intern Evana Gizzi, who works at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. With RAISR, artificial intelligence could diagnose faults real-time in spacecraft and spaceflight systems in general.

“The spacecraft reporting a fault is like a car with a check engine light on,” Gizzi said. “You know there is an issue, but can’t necessarily explain the cause. That’s where the RAISR algorithm comes in, diagnosing the cause as a loose gas cap.”

Right now, the ability to make inferences about what is happening that go beyond traditional ‘if-then-else’ fault trees is something only humans can do, Gizzi said.

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