NAVWAR Supports Sailor Self-Sufficiency for Enhanced Information Readiness

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) enterprise is working to improve operations and maintenance of command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) systems by enabling Sailors to be more self-sufficient at sea. To support this strategic initiative, the command has established a Sailor Self-Sufficiency Integrated Product Team (SSS IPT) dedicated to increasing Sailors’ ability to maintain, maneuver, cyber-defend and repair damage on ships, submarines and tactical shore stations in a contested battlespace.

The rise in power among long-term strategic rivals in the sea, space and information domains, coupled with the rapid pace of evolving technology, underpins the importance of U.S. Navy ships operating independently. This means that Sailors must be able to employ, operate and maintain C4I hardware and software systems autonomously while at sea.

“Our goal when delivering a system to the fleet is for the Sailor who maintains our equipment to be able to confidently take the system to sea without external support,” said Rear Adm. Kurt Rothenhaus, program executive officer for Program Executive Office (PEO) C4I. “However, listening to the fleet and looking at the data, we recognized we needed to do more in the areas of system design, training and technical documentation to improve self-sufficiency.”

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