To engage with stakeholders from across the AI community, Federal agencies hold workshops and other events to discuss timely topics on AI research and development, policy, and related matters. Example topics covered in past events include intellectual property considerations of AI, the intersection of AI and cybersecurity, and the use of AI to advance biomedical research, among many other topics. The discussions and multi-stakeholder input received at these events help strengthen and advance the AI innovation ecosystem in the United States, informing AI research and development as well as the design and use of AI in the public and private sectors.
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From drug discovery to mapping coral reefs, AI is proving to have beneficial application to nearly every sector of society. This site compiles news from Federal departments and agencies on how AI is helping to advance their missions.
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Federal agencies regularly release Requests for Information (RFI) to solicit public comments and input on their AI-related initiatives. RFIs are an important mechanism for the government to engage the broader stakeholder community in policy and rule-making processes. Consider providing your perspective and expertise to open RFIs related to AI.

To find a current list of RFIs, go to the Publications Library and select “Requests for Information” in the “Publication Type” pull-down menu.