NSCAI Releases Interim Report to Congress

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) released its Interim Report to Congress today and will share its initial assessments from the report with Congress, government, industry, academia, non-profits, associations, and the public tomorrow in a conference titled, “Strength Through Innovation: The Future of AI and National Security.”

The 15 members bring to the Commission a diverse set of views from academia, private sector, and government. The Commission issued its Interim Report today and it reflects the consensus view of all Commission members. The Commissioners agreed to seven principles and 27 initial judgements to guide their work going forward. The full report is located here.

“As NSCAI’s report conveys, U.S. leadership in promoting trust and innovation in artificial intelligence is imperative to the future of our nation’s security and economy. Through the President’s American AI Initiative, in collaboration with the private sector, academia, the public, and like-minded international partners, the Administration is executing a whole of government approach to ensure continued U.S. leadership in AI. This includes efforts underway to promote AI research and development, prepare the workforce of the future, develop technical standards for reliable, robust, and trustworthy AI, and remove regulatory barriers to AI innovation. We thank the NSCAI for its contributions and look forward to continuing this important conversation,” said Michael Kratsios, Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

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