NSF accelerates use-inspired solutions for persons with disabilities

The U.S. National Science Foundation is building upon basic research to accelerate solutions that enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities. With an investment of $11.8 million, NSF’s Convergence Accelerator selected 16 multidisciplinary Phase 1 teams for the 2022 Cohort, Track H: Enhancing Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

An estimated 1.3 billion or 1 in 6 people globally experience significant disability, according to the World Health Organization. Persons with disabilities are hindered in their abilities to achieve better economic opportunities, quality of life, health and wellness.

“Transdisciplinary, use-inspired research offers tremendous potential to accelerate novel solutions to the everyday challenges faced by persons with disabilities,” said Erwin Gianchandani, NSF assistant director for Technology, Innovation and Partnerships. “Through the Convergence Accelerator’s Track H, we are bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise spanning academia, industry, nonprofits and other communities to enable solutions and open opportunities for people who need it most.”

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