NSTC Select Committee on AI Charter, updated

In 2018, the White House chartered the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) (“Select Committee”) under the National Science and Technolocy Council (NSTC) to oversee the coordination of Federal efforts related to AI research and development (R&D). The Select Committee consists of the most senior R&D officials across the Federal government and represents a whole-of-government approach to AI R&D planning and coordination.

In accordance with the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act of 2020, the Select Committee on AI has been re-chartered with a broader scope and membership, and serves as the senior interagency body referenced in the Act that is responsible for overseeing the National AI Initiative. This document presents the new charter, which provides information on the Select Committee’s purpose and scope, functions, membership, and interface with the private sector.

As outlined in the charter, the Select Committee advises the White House on interagency AI R&D priorities; considers the creation of Federal collaborations with industry and academia; establishes structures to improve government planning and coordination of AI R&D; oversees the annual coordinated interagency budget for AI; facilitates the coordination of the National AI Research Institutes; and identifies opportunities to prioritize and support the national AI R&D ecosystem. The Select Committee also provides guidance and direction to the NSTC Machine Learning and AI Subcommittee, which serves as the operations and implementation arm of the committee.

This Committee serves an important role in ensuring the continued leadership of the United States in artificial intelligence research and development.

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