Phantom fellowship makes AI real for Airmen and Guardians

The Department of the Air Force-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Artificial Intelligence Accelerator kicked off the next iteration of their Phantom Fellowship with a record 531 applicants for the May 1 through Aug. 31 cohort.

Leadership chose 15 total force service members to participate in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics funded program. The DAF-MIT AIA’s mission is to make AI real for Airmen and Guardians by focusing on building partnerships, advancing fundamental research, empowering Airmen and Guardians through AI education, and being a voice on AI policy.

“The sheer number of applicants indicates massive interest. However, what’s truly impressive is how many Airmen and Guardians are already knowledgeable in this field. The key is empowering them as the sole unit dedicated to AI in the DAF,” said Col. Tucker Hamilton, DAF-MIT AIA director.

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