Researchers at Berkeley Lab Advance Cancer Research Using Artificial Intelligence

Researchers in the Biological Systems and Engineering (BSE) Division recently published two studies that will help oncologists more precisely understand the state of their patients’ disease or their risk for cancer relapse. As with many diseases, cancer can be challenging to predict and in some cases, impossible to treat. This work, however, is pushing the boundaries of how science and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to better understand the risks and outcomes of cancer in human health.

While the two studies were conducted by separate groups and focused on different types of cancer, BSE researchers Hang Chang and Jian-Hua Mao led the studies in both publications. Chang, a research scientist, and Mao, a senior scientist, largely focus their work on developing and validating machine learning techniques in cancer research.

“AI techniques introduce the potential for precision treatment; they can help doctors provide more accurate, robust, and cost-effective patient diagnosis and treatment,” Chang said.

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