Responsible AI Guidelines: Operationalizing DoD’s Ethical Principles for AI

DIU launched a strategic initiative in March 2020 to implement the DoD’s Ethical Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its commercial prototyping and acquisition programs. For over a year, DIU explored methods for implementing these principles with DoD partners in several AI prototype projects that cover applications including, but not limited to, predictive health, underwater autonomy, predictive maintenance, and supply chain analysis. The result is a set of Responsible AI Guidelines that are informed by DIU’s practical experience, but also draw upon best practices from government, non-profit, academic, and industry partners.

DIU will continue collaborating with experts and stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and civil society to further develop the RAI Guidelines. To provide feedback on the RAI Guidelines or schedule a discussion on how to implement these guidelines in your department or agency, please feel free to email:

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