USDA-NIFA and NSF Establish Nationwide Network of Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the National Science Foundation announced today they are establishing seven new artificial intelligence institutes across the country to accelerate research, expand America’s workforce and transform society for the future. Advancements in AI research have broad applications that can create economic, health and safety benefits across multiple industries and all levels of education.

This national network of Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes represents the nation’s most significant federal investment in AI research and workforce development to date. The $20 million investment in each of five NSF AI institutes and two USDA-NIFA AI Institutes is just the beginning, with more institute announcements anticipated in the coming years.

“This major Federal investment in next generation agriculture signals our commitment to keeping American agricultural innovation on the leading edge of global science,” said USDA-NIFA Acting Director Parag Chitnis. “These future-focused centers of innovation will use the latest techniques from all corners of science including molecular science, engineering and robotics to seek solutions for myriad challenges facing agriculture, from crop improvement and animal welfare to labor shortages and farm safety.”

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