Zero Eyes; helping 325th SFS detect, deter potential firearm threats

he 325th Security Forces Squadron at Tyndall Air Force Base is leading the way in advancing technology and innovation by serving as the first unit to test revolutional, preemptive base security measures.

The squadron is partnering with Zero Eyes, an artificial intelligence, software-based system, that utilizes digital images captured by cameras strategically placed across the installation to detect and deter potential adversaries or aggressors.

“The AI software can identify weapons such as shotguns, rifles and other weapon models,” said Staff Sgt. Nicholas Murphy, 325th SFS technology and innovations noncommissioned officer in charge. “The software (detects) 360-degree visuals of various weapon models in a database which then triggers an alarm sent to security forces (who can dispatch responders) to get there as soon as possible in an active shooter situation.”

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